Marston universal sealant

Sealed with MARSTON means 100% sealed.

The permanently plastic universal sealant MARSTON has proved itself in all industrial areas and is used worldwide by leading industrial concerns.

  • Permanently elastic
  • Extremely good adhesion to the sealing surface
  • Temperature resistance from -55°C to +270°C and up to +300°C for short periods
  • Ready for use quickly
  • Universally applicable for many different sealing tasks
  • Easy dismantling
  • No corrosion
  • Contains no isocyanate and silicone-free
  • Drying time of approx. 10-15 minutes
  • Can be stored indefinitely
  • Economical in use
  • Resistant to oils, greases, fuels, water, gas, air, anti-freeze etc.
  • Simple handling

Material combinations:
  • metal-Metal
  • metal-plastics
  • plastics-plastics

Areas of application:

The automotive and motorcycle industries, tractor industry, engine and electrical industries, turbines and nuclear power stations, machine and transmission construction, the foodstuffs industry, mining, chemical and petrochemical industries, gas, water and electricity works etc.

Processing note:

The sealing faces MARSTON CLEANER clean. MARSTON universal seal onto one side, with strong roughness on both sides and dry for about 10 minutes. Then assemble parts. After 10 minutes, once the screw. Are still tight. No longer waiting time required!


MARSTON CLAENER cleans sealing surfaces and frees them from oil and grease. MARSTON can be applied immediately.

  • Thorough cleaning
  • Rapid evaporation
  • Frees surfaces of grease and oil at the same time
  • New seals can be applied immediately

Item No. MMD.T20 tube 20 g unit 20
Item No. MMD.T20-BK tube 20 g, blister card unit 10
Item No. MMD.T80 Tube 85 g unit 10
Item No. MMD.T80-BK Tube 85 g, blister card unit 8
Item No. MMD.K200 automatic cartridge 200 g unit 12
Item No. MMD.K300 cartridge 330 g unit 20
Item No. MMD.D250 brush-in-cap can 250 g unit 12
Item No. MMD.D800 can 850 g unit 6


Marston Universal seal non hazardous!

  • Contains no isocyanates
  • Not dangerous
  • Without Hazardous Substances
  • Permanently plastic
  • Excellent adhesion on sealing surfaces
  • Ready for use quickly
  • Resistant to many media
  • Easy dismantling
  • Remains plastic, no cracking
  • No flash-off required
Temperature resistance up to 200°C

MARSTON Universal sealing is inter alia resistant to all mineral oils and a variety of synthetic oils to lubricants, fuels, additives, air, gases, water and water-antifreeze mixtures. Permanently plastic, very adhesive sealant. Due to its excellent thermal, mechanical and chemical resistance, is MARSTON free universal sealant particularly suitable for demanding and critical sealing compounds.

Item No. MMD.F.T85          85 g Tube VE 6
Item No. MMD.F.T85-BK    85 g Tube/blister card VE 10

Item No. MMD.F.K200     200 g Automatic cartidge VE 12
Item No. MMD.F.K300     300 g Cartridge VE 20
Item No. MMD.F.DL85       85 g Compressed air cartridge  VE 12
Item No. MMD.F.DL200    200 g Compressed air cartridge  VE 12
Display: 12 x 200 g or 12 x 85 g or mixed 6/6

Marston universal seal free
85 tube / blister card

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