The areas of application for sealants are so various as the range of our daily life.
Marston-Domsel produces and distributes a multitude of technically highly developed dealants for trade and industry.


The areas where sealants are used are as diverse as the areas of our daily life.


Long before screwing, riveting, soldering and welding were discovered, adhesive was already being used.


In the fields of vehicle construction, rail-ways, aircraft or mechanical engineering (turbines, pumps, construction machinery etc.), a loose screw, for example, could be fatal.


MARSTON-DOMSEL's new generation of high-performance demanding materials.

Special Products

MARSTON-DOMSEL offers customised solutions for a wide variety of applications and repair tasks...


MARSTON-DOMSEL offers a complete service...

Private Label

Private labels are our business!

Marston Domsel GmbH

Marston Domsel Klebstoffe und Dichtmittel

Your partner for sealing, adhesive, safety and fixing systems. Quality products Made in Germany.

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