High-Quality Silicone Sealant

This high-quality single-component silicone sealant vulcanises at room temperature. Outstanding cold, heat and ageing-resistance with an extensive range of uses.

  • Optimum full hardening speed (3 mm/24 hours)
  • Economic in use
  • Simple handling
  • Available in four colours (black, aluminium, clear and red)
  • Red temperature-resistant up to +300°C
  • Oxime - no corrosion and odourless

MD SIL Oxim in tubes 85 g / blister card
Item No. MSI.R.T80-BK red unit 8
Item No. MSI.S.T80-BK black unit 8
Item No. MSI.T.T80-BK transparent unit 8
MD SIL conventional cartridges 200 ml

MD SIL 200 ml in the new cartridges LinRoc II®

The LinRoc II® cartridges is the most advanced and patented systemfor the dispensing of thick and difficult to handle materialswithout waste or mess.

Main features

  • Easy and controlled handling
  • Very accurate product extrusion
  • Twist lock system and overcap: Inhibits curing and product dry-out in nozzle
  • For vertical, horizontal or even upside-down application

MD SIL 200 ml/LinRoc II®                                                                     Automatik-Kartusche 200 ml
Item No. MSI.R.NK200, red                      unit 12                 MSI.R.K200, red                        unit 12

Item No. MSI.S.NK200, black                   unit 12                 MSI.S.K200, black                     unit 12
Item No. MSI.T.NK200, transparent        unit 12                 MSI.T.K200, transparent          unit 12
Item No. MSI.A.NK200, aluminium         unit 12                 MSI.A.K200, aluminium            unit 12

Areas of use:

The automotive industry (for oil sumps, transmissions, refrigeration industry, shipbuilding industry, caravan construction, many areas within the home, tractor construction, the engine and electrical industries, turbines and nuclear power stations, engineering and transmission manufacturing, mining, chemical and petrochemical industries, gas, water and electricity utilities and many more possibilities.

MD SIL is a high-quality single-component sealant, which vulcanises into silicone rubber at room temperature.
MD SIL remains elastic with high adhesion and can  therefore withstand dynamic stresses such as impacts and vibrations. MD SIL replaces conventional solid gaskets and can be used universally. MD SIL has very high temperature resistance from -60°C to +230°C, the red version up to +300°C.

MD SIL 300 ml/Kartuschen
Item No. MSI.R.K300, red                        unit 12

Item No. MSI.S.K300, black                     unit 12
Item No. MSI.T.K300, transparent          unit 12
Item No. MSI.A.K300, aluminium           unit 12


MD SIL Oxim Kartuschen

  •  Witterungs- und UV-beständig
  •  Keine Korrosion
  •  Abdichtung elektronischer Bauteile
  •  Geruchsneutral
  •  Hohe Vernetzungsgeschwindigkeit
  •  Hohe Temperaturbeständigkeit

Item No. MSI.S.K200-O, black 200 ml             unit 12
Item No. MSI.GRAU.K200-O, gray 200 ml       unit 12
Item No. MSI.S.K300-O, black 300 ml             unit 12

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