Marston Cleaner

Marston Cleaner sealing surfaces and frees them from oil and grease.
Marston ca be applied immediately.

  • Thorough cleaning
  • Rapid evaporation
  • Frees surfaces of grease and oil at the same time
  • New seals can be applied immediately
  • Pore-deep cleaning

Item No. MCL.D250      cans á 250 ml  unit 12
Item No. MCL.D1000    cans á 1000 ml unit  6
Item No. MCL.Y400      spray cans á 400 ml unit 12



Item No. MCL.G.D250      cans á 250 ml  unit 12
Item No. MCL.G.D1000    cans á 1000 ml unit  6

MARSTON CLEAN GREEN is a natural, powerful cleaner for smooth and porous surfaces

MARSTON CLEAN GREEN is a cleaning agent designed for all kinds of maintenance and installation work as well as for pre-treatment of sealing and adhesive surfaces.
MARSTON CLEAN GREEN is used in a number of metal processing industries for degreasing purposes and in the final cleansing of contaminants which result from processing.

Test the surface to be cleaned for compatibility before applying the cleanser. The surface to be cleaned must be dry. In continuation, clean the surface by wiping once in a single direction.
MARSTON CLEAN GREEN quickly and thoroughly cleans anodized, painted and powder-coated aluminium surfaces as well as hard-white PVC surfaces and varnished wooden surfaces. It protects the surfaces of specific materials and has a powerful degreasing effect. MARSTON CLEAN GREEN is particularly suitable for the final cleaning process as well as the removal of rubber marks, bitumen and silicone sealant (when recently applied).

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