MD MEGABOND 2000 / 2030 / black

MD MEGABOND two-component high-performance adhesive is the "Formula One racer" amongst high-performance adhesives. It can be used where conventional adhesives do not achieve the required strengths.

MD MEGABOND permanently bonds metal, wood, ceramics and hard plastic. Bonding various materials is extremely quick and reliable with MD MEGABOND. The bonding surface area can be worked and painted after complete hardening.

  • Excellent impact, peeling and shear strength
  • High resistance to weathering
  • Quick-fixing
  • Requires short surface preparation
  • Temperature resistant up to +120°C

Areas of application for MD-MEGABOND range across the entire industrial landscape.

            fire tests MEGABOND 2000 

Item No. 2000 | MMB.S25 double syringe 25 g unit 10 / display | MMB.S25-BK double syringe/blister 25 g unit 8 | MMB.S50 double cartridge 50 g unit 12 / display | MMB.S400 double cartridge 400 g unit 6
40682 U 15 MEGABOND 2000
MEGABOND 2000 / blister card

Application examples:

Bodywork and exterior areas: bumpers, spoilers, radiators, outside mirrors, bodywork sheets, windscreens and door windows. GRP parts, door panels, rear and front lighting, reinforcement and installation of floor panels, roof components and grille parts, front and rear end caps, mountings for advertising and catches. Plastic wheel covers, bumper brackets.

Working instructions:

Clean the glued surfaces thoroughly with a good grease solvent (e.g. Marston Cleaner). Excellent results can be achieved by mechanically roughening the glued surface. (Insert the double cartridge 50 g in the dispensing pistol and lock it in.) Turn the sealing cap, attach the mixing nozzle, and tighten it. Push out the material (with the dispensing pistol 50 g) and dispose of the first 2 g, as this is not yet mixed at 1:1. In warm temperatures the setting time is reduced.  Assemble the components and set them. Remove the mixing nozzle and dispose of it. Lock the cap. Store opened cartridges in a cool place and process them as quickly as possible (Can also be carried out without the mixing nozzle).
Initial hardness is achieved after 5-10 minutes. Final hardness is achieved after 12 hours. Do not work at outdoor temperatures below 5°C.

Item No. 2030 | MMB.L.S25 double syringe 25 g unit 10 / display | MMB.L.S50 double cartridge 50 g unit 12 / display | MMB.L.S400 double cartridge 400 g unit 6
Item No. black | MMB.SW.S50 double cartridge 50 g unit 12 / display
MMB sw

MD MEGABOND 3000 / 3030 verzögert

MD MEGABOND 3000/3030 belongs to the newest generation of two-component adhesives. At a mixing ratio of 10:1 it can be used for technical plastics as well as for
a lot of treated and untreated metals such as aluminium, stainless steel, brass, copper etc.
Retains residual flexibility and has very high impact and peeling strength as well as good temperature resistance up to 150°C.
MD MEGABOND 3000/3030 is stable, fills larger gaps and does not pass off.
MD MEGABOND 3000/3030 has an excellent chemical resistance and is stable against weathering and UV.
MD MEGABOND 3000/3030 bonds even difficult to bond plastics such as polycarbonate  permanently and reliably.

  Brandprüfung MMB3000                fire tests MEGABOND 3000Brandprüfung MEAGABOND 3000
Art.-Nr. 3000 | MMB.3.S50 double cartridge 50 g unit 9 | MMB.3.S380 double cartridge 380 g unit 9 | MMB.3.S490 cartridge 490 g unit 6
Art.-Nr. 3030 | MMB.3L.S50 cartridge unit 9
MMB 3000
MMB 3030
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Selection table for 2K   


MD CLEARBOND is a clear, odourless acrylic adhesive with medium viscosity.
The mixing ratio is 1:1. Clear bonding of glass, plastics and metal can be performed with MD CLEARBOND. MD CLEARBOND is impact and-vibration resistant.

•    Temperature resistance: approx. -50°C to +120°C
•    Working life: approx. 2 minutes
•    Fixing time: 4 minutes
•    Final hardening: after 24 hours
•    Gap filling: 2 mm
Item No. MMB.C.S25 double syringe 50 g unit 10 / display | MMB.C.S50 double cartridge 50 g unit 12 / display
2K Produkte 50 g im Display
2K Produkte 25 g im Display
We supply our 2K products in displays 25 g with 10 pieces, 50 g with 12 pieces.

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