MD MIX - Epoxy resin repair kit

MD Mix repairs incorrectly drilled holes, cracks and broken threads on metal, wood and plastic.
  • Fills cracks and holes
  • Temperature resistant up to +180°C and up to +300°C
  • For on-the-spot repairs
MD MIX is easy to use. The material is worked like plasticine. MD MIX has an extremely high Shore hardness D of 80 (concrete 60). MD MIX can be worked mechanically.
MD mix Steel

Epoxy resin - Metal-filled.
For quick repairs to stripped threads, pumps, housings, tanks and containers, hard plastic and stone.

MD mix Aluminium

Epoxy resin - Aluminium-filled.
For quick repairs to transmission housings, boat and professionalengine-building.

MD mix Copper

Epoxy resin - Copper-filled.
For quick repairs to pipes and pipe elbows, hot and cold water pipes, copper guttering and sheets, water tanks and flanges.

MD mix Wood

Epoxy resin - Mineral-filled.
For quick repairs to wood in for example furniture, gluing hinges, repairing boreholes, retaining screws. Remains slightly flexible.

MD mix Water

Epoxy resin - Ceramically-filled.
For quick repairs to sanitary facilities, swimming pools, radiators, glass, ceramics, stone and hard PVC.
MIX overview

Working instructions:
The parts to be repaired have to be clean and free of oil and grease. Roughening increases the strength of the bond. Cut off the required quantity of MD-mix and knead it for approximately 2 minutes until an even color has been produced and the material becomes warm. Then apply MD-mix to the parts and mould it. Mechanical working can be done after approximately 20 minutes. Final hardening occurs after 24 hours. Do not work at outdoor temperatures below 5°C.

Application examples:
Repairing incorrectly drilled boreholes, holes in pipes, cavities and all cracks in metal, wood and plastic. Mechanical working is possible after a short time. Parts can be ground, milled, bored and painted over.

Item No. metal       | MIX.M.56 unit 24 | MIX.M.56-BK, blister card unit 10 | MIX.M.115 unit 12
Item No. alu           | MIX.A.56 unit 24  | MIX.A.115 unit 12
Item No. water       | MIX.W.56 unit 24
Item No. wood       | MIX.H.56 unit 24
Item No. copper     | MIX.K.56 unit 24

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